25 Random Facts about me…

I have been reading a lot of people random facts about me on Instagram, and personally I like them 🙂 It helps see a different side of the person. That and I am a curious aka nosey person. So I decided to make my own. Hope you all enjoy! 🙂 Also I realized I don’t have very many good selfies alone, so enjoy these of my husband & I ❤

  1. I hate sour candies or anything sour. I seriously dislike the way sour things taste. It makes me cringe just thinking about it.
  2. Never been to Disneyland. My heart breaks everytime I say it.disneyland-gallery00
  3. Español was my 1st language. Growing up with 2 Mexican parents, resulted in Spanish being my first language & I am so grateful!
  4. I graduated nursing school in 2010. Never did anything with it. I guess being a Nurse wasn’t all I thought it would be for me.
  5. I love flat Sprite! If you haven’t tried it, its a must!
  6. My biggest pet peeve is when people slurp their food or drinks.
  7. When I was little I wanted to be an astronaut until I watched the movie Armageddon & Deep Impact. Dream crushed!hocus-pocus-500x375
  8. I am obsessed with Halloween. Favorite holiday!
  9. My husband is the only guy I have dated that I didn’t meet online.
  10. Bruno Mars & Adele are my favorite singers beside Elvis ❤
  11. I got my first and only tattoo so far with my husband. We got matching tattoos of the GPS coordinated of the place we first met.
  12. My middle name is Maria. So I am Sonia Maria!
  13. I dislike heavy metal music. (Sorry)
  14. When I was in elementary school I use to play the flute.
  15. I am an ice cream addict! Rocky road is my favorite ❤
  16. I used to daydream when I was younger that Casper aka Devon Sawa was my tumblr_mqa3be1g631sslcuoo1_500boyfriend. Come on when he says “Can I keep you?” to Christina Ricci it made all us swoon. Fuck I still do!
  17. I go through candles like it’s no ones business! my favorite scents are fruity kinds!
  18. Johnny Depp will always be my #MCM. Especially when he played Crybaby in the movie Crybaby….. *mega swoon* ❤
  19. My best friend other than my husband is a guy. And we have been friends for about 10 years now.
  20. I have never broken a bone. *knocks on wood*
  21. I am obsessed with the Vintage lifestyle. ❤
  22. I collect mugs, Tsum Tsum, old cameras and tea pots.(I have a problem)
  23. Beauty & the Beast is my favorite!
  24. I dispise, lothe and am afraid of spiders!!!!!! I think a creature shouldn’t have so many legs! 
  25. Last but not least… I hate my feet. I have never gotten a pedicure because of this and I don’t let anyone but my husband and my mom touch them 😀 (Yes this is a picture of my basic picture of my feet at the beach. Please excuse my chip painted nails :D)

Let me know some of your random facts! I till talk to you all soon. As always thanks for reading, till next time xo ❤



Capturing the moments…



noun: photography
  1. the art or practice of taking and processing photographs.

1026522814-9tpoybllcThere are so many definitions on what photography means, only because every photographer sees and has their own meaning of what photography means to them. I can assure you that not every photographers art is exactly the same. The amazing thing about photography and why I fell in love with it was; you can take a picture of something that a someone wouldn’t bother see on their own and you make them see the bigger picture with your picture. You bring photography to life and like they say “A picture is worth a thousand words”.


Photography is universal. So many styles and so many things to photograph that the possibilities are endless. My favorite style is the kind where the pictures tell a story. Where you can feel the emotions running through them. Where you can relate to the pictures and know and feel exactly what the photographer was feeling. When I started my photography journey I took pictures of anything and everything. I still to this day consider myself an amateur but my emotions and thought behind my pictures were real. I bought my first expensive camera with my tax return one year and it has been my baby ever since. I bought myself a Canon Rebel T3. Yeah I know super old version but it gets the job done, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. That and I fell the brand Canon is the best (sorry Nixon lovers ;)) and I have never worked with a Canon camera I didn’t love. I have taken thousands of pictures with it and I have been happy with the quality <3. camera-coffee-cup-grunge-favim_com-2936033

With that being said, I need to get back to my hobby. I need to get back to remembering why I feel in love with photography. I honestly stopped because the feeling of enjoying what I did became stressful and no longer fun for me. When people saw my work and started hiring me, all that went through my head was “oh goodness” and “ummmm” a lot . Guys I would get anxiety and stress before every shoot.Wondering if the person was going to like the pictures, would they hire me again, etc… It became too overwhelming that I stopped. I informed my friends and family that I will not be taking any work anymore. That when I would get back into photography I would do it for me. I think I just need to grab my camera and go get lost somewhere. I need to be inspired again… Do you guys ever get like this? If so let me know and how you dealt with it 🙂 I need all the advice I can get.

I love following other photographers on Instagram. My favorite on Instagram is : Lily aka secretparadisiac . I have been following her for years and her work always inspires me and just amazes me. Im not sure how she takes great pictures of herself while  I struggle just taking selfies 😀 One thing I like about her work is that you can feel the raw emotions. You can tell this girl has been though a lot and she found a way to express herself and handle all her emotions. I know many will find her work “dark” but maybe that’s what her world was when the pictures were taken. We all have a story to tell and her way of telling her story by taking pictures… Here is her link to her Flickr if you would like to see more : https://www.flickr.com/photos/secretparadisiac/


I am thinking about making a section in this blog of all my photography, so stay tuned for those 🙂 I have tons of pictures to share. Are any of my readers photographer or amateurs like me? Do any of you go through a what they call artist block? I hope this year I can get out of it and get back to photography, maybe it will help with my anxiety. Well guys I have to go but I hope you all have a great rest of your day. As always thank you for reading, till next time ❤

New Beginnings…


Happy Tuesday ladies & gents! I just wanted to write a quick post ❤ . I have so much to say but I unfortunately have to hold of on giving my big news! Many of you probably wont see it as a big deal but its a big deal for me. I wont be able to say much on it till Friday but all you have to know is I am getting my happiness back! I’m sure many of you can guess what is coming but for those who still have no clue… Read my last posts it might give you an idea 😉

I am scared, stressed and worried about this but all in all it is what is best for me at the moment and I need this. New beginning and new adventures are to come I just hope I have chosen my right path… Don’t worry I will go into further details Friday ~ pinky promise ❤ In the meantime I hope your day is filled with happy vibes and happy thoughts. 2016 kicked my ass, then kept kicking me while I was down… 2017 is my year and I will make sure another year does not make me its bitch LOL 😀

On another positive note- Alex and I went to go watch SING! It was beyond amazing. We loved it so much. Whether you are an adult or a child you will enjoy it. It has so many positive and inspiring moments but also some moments where you’re thinking to your self WTF?! Isn’t this a kids movie?! But doesn’t it seem like a lot of “children movies” are like that now? But still a wonderful movie- we so recommend it! One thing I learn from this movie was one of the characters (no spoilers) hits rock-bottom and his motto for life was once you hit rock bottom all you can do is go UP. Seriously?! I put a lot of thought into this and its true…I guess I needed an animation movie to give me advice 🙂 The way I am looking at life right now is I feel like I am at the lowest I have ever been, what more can go wrong? So what is there left to do? YOU CAN ONLY GO UP FROM HERE 🙂 When you sunk at your lowest always remember you can get out of it, and remember you are not the only person going through this. There are millions more like us out there going through it. And believe me some days I feel like no one else understands what im going through *drama queen*. When in reality there are millions who know exactly what this feels like. Stay positive my friends, I promise everything happens for a reason and you are not meant to live this live un-happy. Happiness will be yours and life will be everything you hoped for and more ❤ (I should write fortune cookies :D). We will all get through this rough patch 🙂 As always, thank you for reading. Till next time xo ❤






Happy Holidays & Feliz Navidad …



Hello friends! Hope you are all having a lovely Saturday or Merry Christmas Eve. What are your plans this holiday? Mine get a little crazy 🙂 So our families both celebrate Christmas and since we are all Mexican we celebrate Christmas Eve. I am not sure if other cultures do this but we celebrate and party on Xmas eve and on the 25th actual Christmas we just eat leftovers and hang out 😀 This year we had to separate our days. Today for Xmas eve Alex and I will be spending it with my in laws and on Christmas we will be spending it with my parents. Hopefully this works because last year we were running around between families… So not what we wanted to do for Xmas. One day when Alex and I get a house or rent somewhere we will celebrate Xmas at our home and who ever wants to come can come lol. We just don’t want to travel around for the holidays.


Since we do not have a place of our own we sadly did not put our Christmas tree or our stocking this year 😦 Alex and I usually decorate the shit out of our home for Halloween and Xmas, but not this year. Alex pinky promised me that next year we will. I so am looking forward to it! Even though we did not set up our tree we bought presents for everyone! Even for Roxie and Chewwie (my babies) lol I feel we bought some pretty good gifts this year. I am so stoked for Alex to open his, from me. I think I did extra good this year for him! My honey deserves them. I wish I could let you guys know but he reads my blogs sooo I cant. (Sorry honey!) I will be posting many pictures of our Christmas! I wish you and your families a lovely Christmas and Happy holidays!  I hope you all spend this time with all your loved ones, eating, drinking and filling your day with happiness! As always thank you for reading, till next time ❤ Feliz Navidad!

P.S: Sorry for such a short post, I just wanted to wish all my readers happy holidays! I have a couple posts coming soon!! I will be posting a couple next week so stay tuned 🙂



Who is September Dame?


Hello all…I did it again.. I changed my blogger name. I know, I know. I’m sorry if this confuses anyone. I know you may be thinking, “why the hell did you change it now”? “Didn’t you just change it a few months ago”? Yes, I did change it and I loved my name before but I wanted to switch it up a bit. I am still the same person and same blogger just different name. I still feel like I am totally the definition of #bellestatus and always will be. I just wanted to switch it due to what the month of September means to me. I don’t believe many of you know this but my birthday is on September 30th and I got married on September 25th. So there are many amazing memories September has to offer me.photoshoots

Also the “Dame” part of the name helps me feel closer to my vintage lifestyle ❤ . I adore 50’s-60’s fashion and lifestyle. I truly feel like I was born in the wrong era. I live for red lips, winged eyeliner, and 50’s oldies. I consider myself to be pin up or vintage soul. Being pin up has boosted my self esteem and my confidence so much. Being vintage inspired helped me, be me. It helped me find myself, and I no longer am ashamed to be different. I am sure you all know who ‘Tess Holliday is aka Tess Munster’, well she opened me more to the retro world by showing me plus size girls can be pin up. I know many people do not like her but she truly inspired me to dress retro and that I would look beautiful in doing so.  This is why “September Dame” has a huge meaning to me. I promise not to go changing my name again.. 😀 This one is here to stay.

I am thinking of bring my retro world to my blog. Share my vintage goodies and style. Keep showing you little by little of my world. Let me know if there are any specific things you would like to know! I am an open book ❤ I might write another post today but I will not be writing any next week due to I will be traveling! My husband and I will be going to visit my brother in Texas for a week! This will be Alex’s first time flying! We have one way tickets and will be driving with my brother back to California. I cannot wait for this vacay/road trip. I’m too excited! 🙂 I hope you all have an amazing weekend, and as always thank you for reading. Till next time xo ❤


Sometimes rainy days come with pain…

Happy Thursday readers, I hope you all are having a great day where ever you are. Guys tumblr_n522k7zjpf1qjq4yvo1_500this week has been hell for me. You know the saying “Some days are better than others” ? Well I definitely have had better days than today. Today work was awful dealing with angry people and my health has been shitty today. Well all week but today it really has been painful… 😦

Just a brief rundown because I plan to write a actual post about it but, for the past 7 months I have not had a period. & I know what you are thinking… ARE YOU PREGNANT?! Sadly no 😦 I have been to many doctor appointments in the last couple weeks to get to the bottom of it. I was put on birth control to help and guess what?…I got my period. So ladies imagine 7 months of periods rolled into ONE.. Yup, makes you think “Fuck that” huh? lol  And gentlemen I could only imagine this being felt like being kicked in the balls 7 times?.. LOL Just a guess. I am just emotionally/physically tired and in pain. I just wanna curl up into a ball and sleep. My period is super heavy and just the worst. My doctor said I might have PCOS (Polycystic ovarian syndrome). I wont know for sure till sometime this month. I just want to be normal and not go through so much pain. With all my hormones being out of whack I easily get anxiety now, so some days require a lot of happy thoughts.

Sorry all if this post isn’t to your liking and might make some of you un-comfortable but this is real and this is my life right now. I am pretty open about it. If this makes you feel weird please skip down and read about my bunny! I swear he will make you happy! 🙂

On a happier note last night it snowed here! YES IT SNOWS IN CALIFORNIA! ❤ It was sweet1042beautiful and freezing. We don’t get much snow here. It rarely actually snows, so when it does people here go crazy. In the morning around 7 am we still had snow on the ground, it was completely magical ❤ . Today has just been a cold and rainy day which I love. Is it me or does anyone else love the smell of rain or how it smells before the rain. Its my favorite! We are expecting rain for a few more days. I need to find me some rain boots made for plus size people. My calves do not fit in regular women or men boots. Sad it know, but I got big legs and even bigger thighs 😉 (They are actually my favorite body feature). Any of my readers know where I can buy some? if so let me know in the comments down below 🙂 .

Well guys im going to wrap this up. I need to go take some medicine and eat dinner. I haven’t eaten all day. Other than 2 candy canes lol Days like this call for Pho. My favorite meal. I seriously could eat it 24/7 ❤ We have a couple great places here where they make amazing bowls! Do any of you like Pho?! I hope you all have a great night, and as always thanks for reading. Till next time xo ❤ il_570xn_796516675_fcsk



Is it wrong in wanting to be a Housewife?

retro_vintage_50s_housewife_holding_food_poster-r7cea5739211245dd83532721c3bcf26b_wvt_8byvr_324So many people especially women have their options on this topic and I can see why. For years and years we have fought to be respected and be treated as equal as a man. To now where we have this right, some refuse to be a home wife and raise children. In my opinion women should have the right to do what ever they like, whether it stay home and raise a family to being a doctor, race car driver etc… But one thing us women have is, we have the tendency to criticize other women on what they choose to do with their life…

After I was unemployed for 6 months I became a housewife or house fiancé since I wasn’t a wife just yet 😉 . In the beginning it did honestly drive me a little mad. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I was so use to working that I didn’t have a set schedule anymore. After a few weeks later of being a stay at home fiancé it grew on me. I enjoyed having a clean home every day, re-dechousewife-hotpoint-54-crop-swscan02038-copyorating our apartment, creating meals and baking. Being a house fiancé opening up new creativity in me. I become a blogger and I opened my own online shop. Everyday was different for me. I didn’t just spend my days cleaning and washing. I made my own schedule and become my own boss. I loved every minute of it. And if I needed a hour or 2 to just sit and read a book I could! I didn’t have anyone telling me what I could and could not do. Everyday was spent making and creating and getting ready for conventions to sell our creations. A lot of people believe being a housewife or stay at home mom isn’t a full time job but it is. I considered what I did my job. And I truly loved it. ❤ Of course my experience was different because I do not have children. But knowing me I would be so much happier being a housewife and raising my babies. Honestly all I have ever wanted to be was a mom. And one day I will be blessed with the opportunity.

ddWith all of this being said there are still many people who see housewives as lazy and money hungry women. Who just sit at home and do nothing while the husband works his ass off to provide for the wife. That may be true for some women but not all. I was truly blessed with an amazing man. A man who supports me in everything. He was actually the one who offered me the opportunity to quit my job and be my own boss. Yes, he worked his hard and never once complained. But I made sure because he was doing so much for me that I worked as hard for him. I believe that’s how this should be done and looked at. You both should work hard for each other & be dedicated. It will make your journey more enjoyable. 🙂

Now men of course I have not forgot about you. There are many, many men who are stay at home dad or house husbands (is that even a word? lol). They do the exact same thing as women who stay home. Men who take over this role are no less than a man who works for 1-loving-wife-pleasing-husband-stepford-wife-classic-homemaker-stepfordwife_coma company. Men who stay home are just as hard workers. They care for the home, children, etc.. I am sure that some men like some women take advantage of this and do become “moochers”. But again doesn’t mean that for everyone. My best friend who is a man took over this role as a stay at home dad for a while to help raise is two toddlers. His wife made more money and the girls needed a parent with them 24/7. So it was decided that this was going to be done because it was the best for their family. My friend had been working since he was in high school so this change was hard for him. And being the way he is he has always thought” it is the man’s responsibility to provide”. Of course this role didn’t stay too long both him and his wife are now working, but because of this opportunity he was able to enjoy his girls to the fullest. And I am 100% sure he never regrets that.

I am currently working not because my husband asked me but because together we can achieve our goal of being a home owners. My husband actually is encouraging me to quit my job again because he makes more than enough to provide but I know with me working will help us achieve our goals sooner. Once we get where we want to be, you better believe that I will be a homemaker again. And I will be a proud one. Ladies and gents in the end do what makes you happy. If you can be a house wife/husband and would love to be one do it if that opportunity arises. If you are not about living that life and rather work for a company , in an office or where ever, honey do it! Whatever you choose to do, just don’t complain or insult others on their decisions. You be happy with yours and let them be happy with theirs. I promise you will live a happier life just worrying about you then to be putting your two cents in others peoples businesses lol.  Are any of my readers housewife/ husbands? Or planning to become one?  If so let me know in the comments below on your experiences! I would love to hear them 🙂 . As always thank you reading, till next time xo ❤




Hello Friends…


I cannot believe it has been months since I have had a chance to sit down, relax and write posts. I am truly sorry for those who have been keeping up with me and taking time to read my posts. I missed writing and I missed my readers ❤ . So many things have happened in these past 6 months that I have had barely time to read a book 😦 Do not worry I will update you all with what has been going on and getting you all up to date. I’m thinking for this post I might just do a list of things that have happened and that is happening and elaborate on each one on their own posts. That way this one isn’t ridiculously long (Still no promises on a short post lol).

Do you guys ever feel like you are so overwhelmed with life you start thinking what would it be like to live a different life? (Or is it just me) I am going to be completely honest. I do horrible under pressure, I over think EVERYTHING & I stress. ALOT. Its tumblr_mz78sfz70o1tnqei2o1_400just who I am and it’s in my human nature. I am very thankful my now Husband *giggle* puts up with my ass, if not I would still be single lol. I have told my family that this year has been the best and worse year I have ever had. I know I might sound like I am overreacting but this year has truly kicked my ass. Again I will make the list and go through them all more thoroughly so you guys can understand 🙂 So here is what your lovely writer has going on and went through this year so far:new-boxes

  1. We moved! And no we didn’t move to another apartment or a house. We moved in with my parents and we are currently living in there small (VERY SMALL) travel trailer on their property. And guess what? We will be MOVING AGAIN this weekend to my in laws home. Which bring me to my next topic…
  2. I am a married woman! ❤ Guys this still makes my heart warm and fuzzy. I am officially a wife and Mrs. Martinez. Don’t worry I will be posting pictures and posts about our wedding journey. So stay tuned for all that mushy love pictures and posts lol
  3. I am working again & full time. I am working for a local bank as a customer service representative. And by just reading that far I’m sure you have already guessed what I do… No? Not clicking yet? I am working in a call center……I’ll let you have a moment. Yeah I’m back tumblr_m791dwlij41qgo77rworking doing the same thing I was doing before but now for a bank.. I cannot believe it either. Believe me, I am disappointed in myself 😦 .
  4. We got a dog! Yes we are now proud parents of a baby girl named Roxie. She is a Pomeranian Mix and about 5 months now. She is so energetic and completes our little family. Roxie fills my heart with joy and I cannot imagine how we have lived with out her. And I cannot forget she is one tough cookie; she is a Parvo survivor ❤ .
  5. We bought a new car! (Sorry seems like all my topics are going to have a exclamation mark after them lol)  Alex bought me a 2011 Toyota Corolla and it img_20161112_093033has been named Nimbus 2000 (who else is a Harry Potter fan?!) Its not a 2016 year car but its new to us and we got it from a dealership. First time for both of us buying a car from a dealer. It was pretty exciting and nerve wreaking, but in the end it was worth it! (That’s us in the picture with our niece)
  6. Our online business is on hold….This breaks my heart every time I think about it 😦 . We will be re-opening our shop hopefully here soon. I’ll link our shop, incase any of you would like to do a custom order. 🙂 We make pretty cool stuff, not gonna lie. You will not be disappointed 😉 http://magicalwonderland.wixsite.com/wonderlandcrafts
  7. Thinking about going Vegetarian or Vegan… I have actually thought of this for quitetumblr_n5xpje80wf1qd45ayo1_1280 some time but never really fully committed. I just have a slight addiction to cheese lol But after watching and reading horror stories of where our meat comes from and how animals are incredibly abused it heartbreaking. I know by me not eating meat will instantly make people start caring but as long as you care and stick to what you believe in you are making a difference. ❤ Any of my readers plant based eaters? If so, do you have any tips or how your experience has been? Let me know in the comments down below 🙂
  8. And last but not least – there may be a probably I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). I have been in and out of doctor visits trying to find out why my body is doing what it’s doing. Next in a couple weeks it should be determined whether I do or don’t. And if I do, I will be writing a post all about it and my journey so far living with it. My body is going through so much right now, that lately I have just been feeling anxious and depressed and just lost. Hopefully I get my answers soon so I can move on and be 100% happy again. Because I am tired of living each day with an emotional roller coaster aka Me. Sometimes being a woman isn’t all sunshine and rainbows lol

I thought my list would be longer but this is pretty much all I have been working with his year so far. I am so behind on many projects including my blog. Hopefully when we move this weekend I will be settled in, have a chance to relax, write posts and catch up on all my hobbies. Thank you to all of you who have kept up with me. Again I am truly sorry for not writing anything in a months. I promise I will have tons of reading material here soon ,so please stayed tuned. As always thank you for reading, till next time xo ❤


New blog name & updates! …


Hello Friends!! I cannot believe I haven’t posted anything since January! But I am back! Guys so many things have happened since my last post. The past few months have been crazy (but in a good way 🙂 ) Don’t worry I will let you know right meow 😉

So not sure if any of you have noticed but, I REVAMPED my blog and CHANGED MY BLOGGER NAME!! Whhhhaaaa?! Yup I did it 🙂 The reason for this was I wanted my blog to be more personal. My old blog name was dear+honey, which was a blog that was going to revolve around Alex and I. He doesn’t blog lol So I would be the only blogger, which I am completely fine with, but there are other topics I go over so I decided to change it. Of course the blog will still have tons of Alex and but I will be writing more of things other than our couple life. For example; book & movie reviews, food, make-up, photography, etc.. I am making this blog for me, & not just another couple of thing.

emma-watson-as-belle-there-s-something-wrong-with-that-519392Why did I choose #belle status? Well that’s how I live my life. Everything I do I always say “I’m totally #bellestatus right now”. For those who do not know me personally, I am obsessed with Disney. I am a proud Disney Addict! I have tons of favorite Disney movies and characters but my all time fav is The Beauty and the Beast with of course Belle being my favorite princess. I have always felt like I identified with Belle more than any other princess. And no, I wasn’t kept in an enchanted castle, surrounded by talking furniture and had a Beast for a roomie… Wait no that last part is true, I feel in love with my Beast and we do live in our castle ❤ *swoon* Ok ok back to what I was tryindfaa19ee3fe35bd0fe4ba4ef6084eb9c.jpgg to get at I identify with her because just like her I never felt like I truly fit in anywhere. I have always been odd and different even till this day. Back then I was ashamed of who I was, but I can say I am proud to be weird and different. Why be like someone else? I also love to read. I believe the reason Belle would read was because in books you lose track of reality. You get lost in the words and live a thousand lives. You can live in books as someone else and that helps you forget about how odd you are in your own world. Books do that for us & they always will.

Belle and I have almost the same personality. We are curious, family oriented, I try to see the good in everyone, stubborn, caring, adventurous, creative and so much more. As far as Beauty goes I have found the Beauty within. I have learned to love myself and yes I am beautiful in my own way ❤ For all these reasons I have changed my name to #belle status because it’s not just a fairy tale it is my way of life.



  • I have started an online business with my future mother in law and Alex! Business name is ‘Wonderland Crafts’. We make perler bead goodies, and Alex’s mom makes amigurumis out of yarn. I am in the middle of creating new thing so stay tuned! I will be writing a blog post soon of our business more in detail. In the mean time you can visit our storenvy shop at Wonderland Crafts . I am going to update the shop as well with new goodies! Here is our logo I created! I am completely obsessed ❤12717175_1526261171003238_1413048688394709773_n
  • I am not sure if I mentioned this before but Alex and I are officially getting married on Sept 24th 2016! And so far we have the reception hall, ordained minister, my dress (It is amazing!) and the date lol I know it is in like 5 months! I have started to plan but haven’t really bought anything. This online biz took up most of my time! I will be also writing a post on my dress shopping experience, wedding prep drama and the journey lol I am beyond excited and cannot wait to become Mrs. Martinez!tumblr_mbjvybk5in1r3tlbto9_r1_250

For some reason I thought I had more updated but these are the 2 big ones I have going on in my life right now. I am so happy to be writing again. 🙂 There is something relaxing that comes with blogging.. For all my fellow bloggers I am sure you know what I am taking about. It almost feels like an online journal that you put out in the public for everyone and their mom to read lol What is your favorite part about blogs or blogging in general? Let me know 🙂 As always, thank you for reading. Till next time xo ❤


Trees of Mystery…


Hello friends! Long time no talk! Sorry for not posting in over a month. 😦 It got pretty busy with the holidays. Hope you all had happy holidays & a very awesome New Year! This year I feel good things are going to happen! I am working on a new project and I have half of it done, but once it is all complete I’ll let you guys know all about it! (I love surprises, don’t you?)

Alex and I are bit of travelers. We love road trips & going to new places. Last year was filled with some pretty good ones. One of our favorite would have to be the
Trees of Mystery! OMG guys if you haven’t had a chance to go, put this place on your bucket list! It is so beautiful and amazing. You will fall in love ❤ If being outdoors is your kinda thing this place is a must! And if you hate the outdoors.. Honey don’t even try to come here you will hate it lol Trees and nature everywhere! 😉


The Trees of Mystery is located in Klamath, California. It took us about 5 hours to get there from were we live. But so worth it! It is a beautiful drive. The reason why we decided to visit this place was because we heard there was a gondola ride called the Sky Trail that takes you up about 1570 feet up a mountain through the middle of a bunch of redwoods! It is so amazing and scary all at once lol Not going to lie, I was a bit nervous to get on that thing. I get a bit self-conscious because of my weight so while waiting in line all I could think of was what if we can’t ride because were too big, or what’s the weight capacity…(over-reacting moment). We were both more than ok lol If you are a heavy set person the ride is made to withstand quite a few pounds. On our way down the mountain there was 4 people in the gondola… So you’re good! 😉 The ride was amazing! If you get vertigo easily or are afraid of heights you might not want to get on this. It takes you pretty high up in the air. Once you are on the ride there is no way to stop it, you must stay on for the whole ride until you get to the destination. The ride is about 8-10 minutes one way. So my advice to you, is definitely think it though before you get on the ride. Also there is a charge to go through their forest and ride, its about 15 bucks per adult. So be ready for that! I know we were not expecting to pay that lol

We got to see the ocean, all the “mystery trees”, the famous Paul Bunyon & Blue Ox statue, and so many other things! Here are some pictures from our trip! Somethings that you guys can expect to see if you decide to go!

If you guys have ever heard of the Disney Show “Gravity Falls” you must watch the Road Side Attractions episode! The Trees of Mystery comes out in it! It was so cool seeing this place animated. *happy moment* That and I love Disney so it was a 2 for 1 deal for me.. #sorrynotsorry 😉 I encourage you all to travel even if it traveling within your area. There is so much to see! I know this is going to sound gliche but you really do only live once, why live it by traveling & exploring? Get out of your house & go have an adventure! No good story started with I was at home doing nothing… lol 🙂 Don’t be afraid to somewhere new! Till next time, thanks for reading. XO ❤

The world is a book and those who do not travel only read one page – St Agustine